My Ancestors

Hint: The father of n is (2n) and the mother is (2n + 1). Each generation begins with person number (2 to the gen-1). -ed. This information was originally supplied for this page by Philip G Hodge, jr, from his … Continue reading


Poems I wrote in high school, college and beyond.

Merrily We Roll Along - 1938

My sister Mary and I took a bicycle trip during my senior year of high school. Afterward I typed up this journal, my friend, Lewis Morris, illustrated it, and I bound it into a book. Here is the text of … Continue reading


2 Responses to Prologue

  1. Lori Wallin says:

    I am being a little obsessive here, but I was thinking about you today when I realized that tomorrow is groundhog’s day. So I googled you and found the stanford e-mail address and sent off two e-mails–one before I found the blog and one after. If those reached you I will be happy. If not, hopefully this will as I would very much like to re-connect. Ahh, but do you remember me? Aerospace Engineering secretary to Dr. Philip G. Hodge, 1983-1985. I am terrible at keeping up with people as you may have guessed. I am now determined to right that wrong. Let me know the best e-mail for you!

    • lisa says:

      Hi Lori,

      I don’t know if Dad has written back to you yet, but in the meantime I’m posting a comment here to thank you for making contact. He was very happy to hear from you! He told me he intends to email you back.

      Hope you are well, and enjoying the snow –


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