The Tavern 2012


The curtain rises on the interior of a tavern, snug but unpopulated.  Outside a violent thunderstorm rages.  Suddenly the door bursts open and Zach staggers in carrying an armload of firewood, and shaking with fear.

When and Where:

Monday May 14 2012, 7:00, in Room 9
Friday May 18 at 1:30 in Room A
Tuesday May 22 at 7:00 in Room 9
The Tavern by George M. Cohan
UUCPA Thespians
To experience vicarious thrills and chills as we read a good old-fashioned melodrama.

It is midnight at an undetermined place in a long-ago time before we had the web or telephones or television or electricity or automobiles.  Outside the thunder and lightning do not let up until long after the final curtain has descended, but the tavern is snug.  The Tavern Keeper, his Son, the Hired Girl, and the Hired Man have all gone to bed.  ‘Tain’t fit night out for man nor beast, so no action is anticipated at least until daylight.  HAH!

Before the night and the play are over the tavern door will have been unbarred (and rebarred) to let eleven more people enter, some of them more than once.  They include the Vagabond, the Woman, the Governor and his family, the Sheriff and his men, and the Attendant.  Most of them have names, but not everyone is what he or she seems.

And that’s all I going to tell you.  Join us at any of the three dates above and BE one (or more, depending on how many readers we have) of these interesting characters. Send me an e-mail or call me if you’d like more information. Let me know you’re coming – or just show up.

UUCPA Thespians, Philip Hodge, Chair