1.4 And Baby Makes Three -through 1/3/50

June 10, 1947

Susan Edith was born today at 7:04 p.m. in McAlpine Maternity Hospital, 371 Broadway, Providence, R.I.; Dr. Carlotta N. Golini attending; Miss Viola Grilli, nurse-anesthetist. She weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

Having a baby is not very difficult. Father, Mother, and daughter are all doing beautifully.

June 18, 1947

Thea and Susan came home from the hospital today, to a lovely apartment.

Mother Drell has come to help out for a week or more.

September 15, 1947

Philip began work today as research assistant to Professor W. Prager in the Graduate Division of Applied Mathematics, 27 Brown St., at a salary of $2000.00 a year. He will do research on a Navy project in plasticity. (The salary is for ¾ time, i.e., 30 hours a week.) He hopes that he can get a thesis from the work he will be doing. This will be his first real taste of research. This year should determine his preference for the future: pure teaching, pure research, or a combination of the two. He will take two courses, in addition to doing the research, to prepare for prelims.

January 3, 1948

Five years. We’re a family.

February 9, 1948

Philip spoke at an international seminar today. He presented a paper on the divergence theory (the Hodge-Prager theory!). Present at the seminar were such men as Nadai, Von Mises, Sir Geoffrey Taylor. The speakers included top men in research, eminent professors, Navy brass, – and Mr. Hodge. Thea attended the evening session today to hear him talk. Oh my goodness, is she proud!!!

February 16, 1948

Thea started a job today. She grades papers for freshman math covering algebra, trigonometry, and elementary calculus. The class has about 20 students. She works about 4 hours a week at 75¢ an hour and uses the money for a domestic servant.

May 15, 1948

Thea & Sue returned home today from Atlantic City. Thea was gone from Philip for five weeks!

June 12, 1948


June 17, 1948

Philip was pleasantly surprised with an appointment as research associate (at $3600) beginning at once.

June 12, 1948 (entered later)

All our close friends gathered at the Heller’s this evening to give Philip a surprise party in honor of his having passed prelims.

August, 1948

Spent our two-and-a-half weeks vacation at Topside, Quogue, L.I. (Concha Payne), with green grass all around and the ocean not far away. How we loved it, the baby not less than we.

October, 1948

Thea had a short job as “local secretary” for R. Ludlum, Vice-Pres. of Antioch, making appointments for him. Went to lunch at the R.I. Country Club. Imagine that!

October 20, 1948

Philip talked to Prof. Prager today, asking him if it were time to begin applying to universities, etc., for a job for next year, assuming that he receives his Ph.D. this coming summer. But Prof. Prager said that they are hoping that Philip will stay on at Brown for several more years; (therefore there will be no need to apply elsewhere since Brown is the most advantageous place for Philip at this point in his career). He did suggest that Philip apply for a Frank B. Jewett Fellowship in Physical Sciences. It would not pay as well as the offer Brown made (through Prof. Prager). But the attendant prestige would be enormous. However, since only five fellowships are offered in the whole country, the chances are slim. Nevertheless, Philip is making application.

November 16, 1948

Today Philip and Prof. Prager signed a contract with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., publishers, of New York for the publication of Philip’s book on Plasticity. The “book” is now in its 3rd chapter, being written under a Navy Contract. The writing will be completed next year and should be published the following year. His first book!!!

November 17, 1948

Philip presented his first lecture before his graduate course in Plasticity.

November 19, 1948

Philip was asked to present a discussion before the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, Roosevelt Hotel, New York City. He will speak on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 1, at the meeting of the Applied Mathematics Division. The University will pay all necessary expenses.

Thea and Susan discussed the merits of having a becoming-famous man in the family and decided it is rather nice.

November 29, 1948 – December 1, 1948

Philip went to New York on his first business trip, presented his discussion, met many other young scientists, went to the theater, paid several visits, and had a fine time.

December 8, 1948

Professor Prager asked Philip if he would have anything prepared for presentation at the next meeting (to be held at Brown) since he would like Philip to speak at the meeting. Philip was quite set-up by this request, another indication of Prager’s interest in him.

Prof. Prager mentioned to Philip that Prof. Hill of Cambridge had requested that he recommend someone for a research fellowship at C.U. next year. Philip said that he would not wish to consider it. With a baby and with our hopes for the future, we feel that we would rather stay in this country.

January 3, 1949

Six years. “I can’t love you anymore…” but we do, each year.

March 15, 1949

Despite the continued presence of our landlord and predecessor, and with the assistance of a few staunch friends (Lloyd’s “Blue Goose”, Stockton, Edelman, Souza), we moved into our first house (rented) at 147 Wilson Ave., Oakland Beach, R.I. Three bedrooms, bath, living room, play room and kitchen, front porch which we shall screen in, and large fenced-in backyard. We are renovating to suit ourselves, and doing the work ourselves. A great deal of work to be done and some expense; but we expect to be here over two years. The beach and the bay can be seen from the front porch. We think we’ll love it.

April, 1949

Philip presented a paper at the Second Plasticity Symposium, at Brown University, met many friends from former meetings and made new ones. Due to hindering weather, Thea was unable to come into the city to attend.

May 16, 1949

Mommy Drell arrived for a two week visit. A lovely visit spent in exchanging gossip and views and in admiring Susan. Sid arrived, about to receive his Ph.D., arrived for a brief visit and to take Mommy back with him to witness the ceremony. Mommy is quite ill; prognosis – ?

They left on Sunday, May 29.

May 31, 1949

Today, Tuesday, the Payne’s arrived, Concha, Ed, Kim & the dog!

They left on Saturday, June 4.

June 5, 1949

Today, Sunday, the Miller’s arrived, with complete wardrobe and cook, to look after Thea & Sue while Philip goes on a combined business and pleasure trip.

Philip left on June 7 for Ohio to visit Max and Jinny at Oberlin, Mary and John and Betsy at Yel. Sprgs. as well as his friends at Antioch College. Then on to Ann Arbor for the Symposium on Appl. Math.

On June 14 Philip presented his paper. On June 15 he became famous (!?). Sir Richard Southwell, English Mathematician and guest-of-honor of the symposium, while presenting his own paper, referred to the work of Dr. (!) Hodge over a dozen times. Philip met many important men at the meetings, got around a good bit, and left with the feeling that he had made a good impression.

On June 17 he flew home.

June 18, 1949

This afternoon he officially received his degree of doctor of philosophy in applied mathematics. D-Day!!!!!

July 15, 1949

Philip received an unexpected and unlooked-for offer today – assistant professorship at Univ. of California at Los Angeles, $4200 a year. A laurel for his crown. California, here we come! (This offer came as a result of the impression he made at Ann Arbor.)

August 31, 1949

On August 16 we moved out of our little house at the Beach, Philip, Thea and Sue via ‘plane, our household belongings on a huge van. Thea and Sue spent 10 days in Atlantic City, seeing Nana and Gramp briefly enroute for a final farewell; Philip stayed on in Prov. for a week getting straightened out at the office, then two days in Roslyn with Nana and Gramp, before coming on to A. City. (Mother & Dad Hodge had previously visited us in R.I. while home on leave – 7/25 – 8/1.) Then we flew from A. City to Washington and a two-day visit with Max and Jinny. From there to Denver for 2 more days with Mary, John and Betsy. And finally to Los Angeles itself where we were met by Dave & Dale Bramble.

We are all three seasoned air travelers now; Sue is a lovely good sport. Flying is exciting, thrilling, and hard on Philip’s ears!

September 3, 1949

We celebrate our 80th month-anniversary with the acquisition of a house – 2327 Greenfield Ave., West Los Angeles, not far from U.C.L.A. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large yard, 2-car garage, workshop, play-house, etc., $100.00 a month.

California has given us a fine welcome. The Bramble’s and several professors at UCLA have been lovely.

We expect to move in on Sept. 10 and must spend the intervening time acquiring stove, refrigerator, and sundry other items.

October 5, 1949

In the Mathematics Seminar today a paper was presented: “A Comparison of Elliptic and Hyperbolic Equations Arising in Problems of Plane Plastic Stress” by Dr. Philip G. Hodge, Jr., assistant professor. This seminar served as the department’s introduction to Philip, professionally, and to his field and his work.

November 8, 1949

Today is Susan’s first day of school. She is enrolled at the Westwood Country Day School, three mornings a week. Eventually, about the time Thea goes to the hospital, Susan will attend school all day. At present, Thea takes her to school by bus, then proceeds to the University & helps Philip with his work.

January 3, 1950

Seven years!

In our third State.