The moon was in the heavens

Phil Hodge

The moon was in the heavens.
The stars were shining, too.
The waves were softly lapping
Against our green canoe.

The night was made for romance.
No sound was in the air
Except the beauteous singing
Of my sweet lady fair.

Her voice was lifted towards me
And in the soft refrain
Three words were oft repeated
I hear them yet again.

Those three words so inspiring
That thrilled my thru and thru
These words that all true lovers know
Were simply “I love you”

My throat choked up within me
Hot tears come to my eyes
What put this passion in me?
T’was surely not surprise.

T’was love that did this to me,
T’was Cupid shooting straight
And as I joined my voice to hers
I thot it simply great!

We vocalized together
And whispered words of love,
The stars were twinkling in the sky.
The moon shone from above.

We did not see the steamer
Until it was too late.
A sudden whistle up above
The irony of fate.

I knew we’d not escape it
We didn’t try to run.
Does not love in the next world
Surpass love in this one.