Chapter 3: Letters from Sea 1945

Volume II Chapter 3

I sailed in three more ships during my brief maritime career:

  • The Michael J. Stone (Liberty ship), 16 Nov 1944 to 5 Jan 1945.
  • The African Dawn (C-2 or Victory ship), 14 Feb 1945 to 6 May 1945.
  • The Edwin S. Nettleton (Liberty ship) from 4 Jun 1945 to 15 Dec 1945.

I didn’t keep a diary on any of these other ships, but wrote numerous letters home. Unfortunately, we can find nothing from trips 2 and 3, and only a few letters from trip 4. Some of those letters are such unabashed love letters from a young husband to his wife, that even at this late date is has seemed prudent to do a bit of censoring in what has been reproduced for this chapter. These letters have not been retyped, and in places even I can’t read my own handwriting in the original, let alone the copy.

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