Thank You Note – 1955

Thank-you note from PGH jr. to his parents at Christmas 1955 for a Steiff seal. – note in Thea’s writing at top of page

I hope you folks will forgive me for my unusual behavior,

Namely, for writing my thank you note on the day after the birth of our Savior.

This, despite the fact that as you may guess I have recently been bogged in

Reading some verses by a chap named Nash, Ogged in

Speaking of American Humorists I am inevitably reminded of one named Thurber, James

And this in turn brings me back to one of this poem’s primary ames

Which is to lay one hundred percent of the blame for the fact that every night, starting with last night, at some point after it has gotten dark

I turn to my ever loving wife and say “All right, so you did hear a seal bark.”