Pome to Nana from Phil – 1942

Time is a very funny thing,
It varies with how you measure it.
Five and seventy years may not seem very long,
But in case you desire to treasure it,

It’s 900 months,
3900 weeks,
Or a third of a million days;
About 8,000,000 hours,
Of minutes still more,
And the seconds would reach quite a ways.

So when you look back on a past such as that
And think of the things you have done,
And what you’ve accomplished: two daughters at first
Then six off-spring these daughters have won.

And as one of those grandchilds
I just want to say,
“You’re a wonderful ‘Nana,'”
And, “Happy Birthday.”

for Nana’s 75th birthday, 11 June 1942