Of what use is life on earth
English I                   Phil Hodge
Instructor’s Comments

Of what use is life on earth,
Or is my life in vain?
And what happens when I die
Does my life come again?

Or do I sleep forever
When death comes to my door?
These questions have been puzzled
For now and evermore.

Is life on earth a happening
Without a form or plan,
Or created by a pow’r
Much greater than mere man?

Who can reply to these things?
I certainly can’t, nor you.
For none can prove the answer
Just knowing what we do.

Would you like to give me a copy of this? Try to work out an answer for yourself to these questions. We all have to find some sort of an answer, or life would be unbearable for all thinking people at least.

If God is but a fiction
We mortals do not know.
If God rules high in heaven
Then only He can show.

But for each thinking human
An answer must be guessed.
Without it, life is hopeless,
Devoid of happiness.

The guess may be mistaken,
But life will have a plan
No matter what the surmise,
No matter who the man.

If one’s a non-believer,
His life should happy be.
He’ll live for life on this earth,
Not for eternity

He will enjoy life fully
And when he dies at last
Regardless of the true thing,
Why, he’ll believe it’s past.

If one believes in Heaven,
And God and after-life,
His life will have a purpose
And be relieved from strife.

His life will be decided.
He will not have to grope
And troubles, if he gets them,
Will be offset by hope.

I have not solved the problem.
I realize it’s a task.
It’s not for me to answer
It’s but for me to ask.

Now let me have a copy in ink, if you will, unless your thoughts lead you still further on this topic.