1.1 Together -through 6/5/44

Today, the third of January in 1943, we, Philip and Thea, start this book. It is to be a record of outstanding dates in our life together.

January 3, 1943 (Sunday)

At 1:00 we were married in the Roslyn Methodist Church, Roslyn Heights, Long Island, New York, by the Reverend Walter Powell in the presence of our families. We left in the late afternoon for Boston, Mass.

January 14, 1943

We found and moved into our first apartment on 70th St. in Manhattan. We found Thea a position as stenographer to the Provost of New York University.

February 6, 1943

Philip was inducted into the United States Maritime Service at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, as an apprentice seaman.

We are apart for the first time.

February 11, 1943

Philip came home, still an apprentice seaman, but now an Administrative Personnel, assisting in the Disbursing Office, teaching part-time (elementary mathematics), and permitted to live at home.

Five horrible days of separation! Now we’re together again.

February 12, 1943

Thea is promoted to researcher and secretary. She now does research in Public Administration for the Provost’s two classes in graduate study.

March 1, 1943

We moved into an unfurnished room with complete kitchenette and bath; we are furnishing it from Mother Hodge’s attic. Since we expect to stay here awhile, we consider this our first real home. It is pretty and modern and convenient; within walking distance of the Training Base, near my commuting subway, and near the ocean (Coney Island) for summer comfort.

22 Corbin Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Brighton Beach); DE2 – 3793

March 21, 1943

Mummy Drell came visiting for the first time. Mary Hodge had dinner with us.

April 4, 1943

Mother and Dad Hodge visited us in our own home for the first time.

April 17, 1943

Philip came home today with a shiney red stripe on his sleeve and his promotion to Yeoman Third Class (Petty Officer). He is now teaching full-time and is on duty from “2 p.m. till 9 p.m.

May 14, 1943

Today Philip was classified 1-A-O in the Selective Service Classification System. This is a tremendous relief to us. Now, no matter what happens, he will not be forced to do anything which goes against his conscience only if and what he desires.

May 22, 1943

Philip was to report for induction into the Army; order rescinded an error.

June 5, 1943

Philip again ordered to report for induction; order rescinded. He went to Xenia, Ohio, today to see his Draft Board in person.

June 9, 1943

Philip returned home from Ohio with a II-B classification which will permit him to continue his work with the Merchant Marine at least until December 8, 1943. Thea breathes again!

June 20, 1943

Today Philip graduated from Antioch College (in absentia) with distinction in his field and in general courses, the top man in his class.

July 16, 1943

Philip is now designated “Specialist Second Class (T).” He wears two stripes and the crossed anchors of the bos’un’s mate. Salary raise.

August 1, 1943

Thea is promoted to Assistant Exec. Sec’y to the Provost salary raise: $100 a month.

October 1, 1943

Thea is now working part-time with hours of her own choosing, on a pro-rata salary basis. She works from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., usually, which means that she does not leave home till after Philip has left for the Base and is home again before he returns. Instead of being a secretary who happens to be married, she is now a wife with a part-time job. Life is so much more worthwhile!!!

October 14, 1943

We have begun to paint our furniture: red and honey-tan. Fun.

October 23 and 24, 1943

We began traveling via our own reserved seats method this week-end, using our thumbs as tickets. Our first long hitch-hike together was to Phila. to visit Mummy and Daddy Drell at University Hospital. Daddy is definitely improving. We shall visit him in his own home next, we hope.

We have found hitch-hiking fun and economical. We have begun to keep a hitch-hiking log book.

October 28, 1943

In addition to his three or four assistants on a temporary turn-over basis, Philip now has a permanent assistant who teaches his elementary classes and gives him more time for administration.

December 16, 1943

Philip has been deferred again, reclassified as II-B. We have not been worried about it, but the question has been ever present in our minds for several weeks. It is with a deep sigh of relief that we receive the welcome news.

December 16, 1943

Philip has been promoted to the rating of Specialist (T) 1/C (Petty Officer First Class). Three stripes now and the specialist insignia <T>.

merchant marine insignia w text

January 3, 1944

One year! How wonderful to look back and realize that despite the hardships and sickness of the past year, it has flown by with marvelous speed. Our love for each other has grown and spread and matured. May life be as good to us always.

April 28, 1944

Thea left her job at New York University to take a vacation before entering Hunter College to complete the work for her degree.

May 4, 1944

We left at 5 a.m. for Colorado. Philip has a 25-day pre-overseas leave and Thea is on vacation. Our goal is the Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts at Fort Collins.

May 26, 1944

We arrived at Fenway today, having covered about 4500 miles. This was, without a doubt, the most wonderful, exciting, marvelous Second Honeymoon ever. (See hitch-hiking Log Book)

We discovered on our return, and it was a shock though perhaps no surprise, that Grandmother Susan S. White had passed away during our absence, leaving a feeling of emptiness in Thea’s heart.

Grandmother willed us one-quarter of her estate to be given to us when Thea is 30 years old.

May 29, 1944

We had a lovely farewell party in the City today and said goodbye without tears. Our love is greater than this separation.

June 5, 1944

During the past week Philip has been “here and gone” every day. The government in war-time is given to some slight fickleness! This evening he telephoned to report in no small excitement, that he had been ordered to Norfolk, Virginia, at once.