Letter 2 – 1942

Thursday, May 14, 1942

Dear Thea,

Were you able to resist the temptation and wait until Saturday to open this? I don’t care–just hope you finished the other through to the end.

What do you think of my efforts at fiction writing? I think I’d probably better stick to pomes. It was kind of fun, though. I hope you weren’t really counting on my being there this weekend.

All of this is being written at the office. Work there is not only easy this week–it is non-existent. I’ve already written one paper and typed two others, and caught up on all my correspondence in the past two days. Think I’ll bring a book tomorrow!

I’ve also written some more poetry, but it’s home, unfortunately, so I won’t send it to you now. I will sometime, though, since it’s what you mean when you speak of doodling with words.

It’s almost quitting time now, or I’d probably keep right on writing all afternoon. Tell me what you think of my short story, (if it’s printable!).

Adios again–