Every ticking minute – 1951

Every ticking minute of the clock has sixty seconds in it
And in each hour of each day are allotted sixty minute

It takes then six times sixty days to constitute a year
And even that’s not quite enough by almost six I fear

Full sixty years have passed away since first you two were wed
And in that time grandchildren six you oftentimes have fed

While now those six have six more yet to join in with the rest
In wishing you upon this day the very best of best

To set an honest value on the years you two have spent
Would require the national income to many times augment

But just to give a token, let’s call each year a dime
From Thea and myself (and think it not a crime).

Our children with their smaller size must call each year a penny
Though if it’s love you’re counting up they’ve got as much as any

The four of us then all join in with gusto nowhat cursory
To wish you joy upon the day of your sixtieth anniversary

So here’s to Gramp and Nana both with champagne and apple pie and
To make it all official, here’s to each of you a diamond.

for Nana and Gramp’s 60th anniversary, 14 October 1951