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Quilt Square for 1947

Susan Edith Hodge born to PG & TD on June 10.

Susan Edith Gibson Hodge, born 1863, dies.
(PG’s paternal grandmother)

2 Responses to 1947

  1. PGH says:

    Sue was born the evening before my final exam in Complex Function Theory. Believe it or not, I aced the exam!

  2. Grampa says:

    In honor of the coming addition to our family, we had moved to a larger and nicer apartment on Benefit Street. Benefit Street was on the side of a hill. Our first apartment was on the down side of the street; viewed from the street it was in the basement, but our entrance was a ground level. Our new apartment was on the second floor and on the up side of Benefit Street. It had two bedrooms, so our new baby had a private room waiting. Notice that I carefully avoid using names or pronouns before the baby’s birth. We didn’t have prenatal photos back then, so it wasn’t until 7:05 pm on June 20 that we knew our baby was Sue (this was also long before that fad song about a boy named Sue).

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