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Quilt Square for 1952

Elizabeth Muriel Hodge born to PG & TD on 21 November.

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  1. PGH says:

    Very big deal getting Thea to the hospital this time. We had been warned that the baby might come fast – and we lived more than 20 miles away on Los Angeles streets. Thea woke me about 1 a.m. and said, “I think it’s time to go.” We went! I slowed down and blew my horn as I went through red lights – I didn’t want an accident! Kept hoping a policeman would stop me so I could ask for an escort. But the only policeman we saw was 2 blocks from the hospital and he just ignored us. Zoomed into the emergency entrance, helped Thea out of the car and in through the hospital door, and turned her over to a nurse. She made it as far as a gurney, but EMH was born in the hall on the way to the delivery room.

    Meanwhile, I took care of red tape at the admissions desk. They asked me politely to move my car to the parking lot – and it took me five minutes to get the key in the ignition!

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