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Quilt Square for 1954

PG joins the Stewart Manor Fire Department.

Susan Durand Drew Miller, born 1867, dies.
(PG’s maternal grandmother, aka Nana)

3 Responses to 1954

  1. PGH says:

    My father had been a volunteer fireman in Roslyn, and it became a family tradition. Our son Philip T was a volunteer fireman in Indiana and is currently one in Tennessee. Our son-in-law David was a volunteer fireman when he was at Antioch College. Our granddaughter Myriam was an EMT with the fire department when she was a high school student in New Jersey.

    Nana was an exceptional woman. Fresh out of elocution school she and another unmarried young woman toured the Northeast from Connecticut to Minnesota giving “recitals”. We adored it when we could persuade her to do some of them at family gatherings. In her 50’s she decided to learn how to drive a car. Went to a driving school all on her own. The first her husband or the rest of the family heard of it was when she proudly displayed her driving license. Gramp was very proud of her, but had mixed feelings about anyone else driving his car – so he bought Nana her own Buick.

  2. Grampa says:

    An update to my first comment above:

    Our granddaughter Myriam was an EMT with the fire department when she was a high school student in New Jersey, and is now a volunteer fireman with the Felton, California fire department.

  3. Grampa says:

    And another story about Nana. Early in their marriage Nana and Gramp were taking a Saturday afternoon drive in their open touring-car Cadillac. They came to a construction site where a muscular young man was controlling traffic with a red flag. As they were waiting their turn to proceed, Nana started wondering (to herself) what did he use when it became too dark to see the flag. So, as they drove slowly past the flagman, she leaned over the side of the car and shouted, “What do you do nights?” We often speculated as to whether Gramp or the workman was the more startled by this question coming from a beautiful young woman riding in a sporting car.

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