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Quilt Square for 1957

Family drives to Chicago (via Niagara Falls) to live.

PG starts working at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology).

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  1. Grampa says:

    Before driving to Chicago we took a trip through New England. We drove around Highland Lake (see my 1956 comment) and stopped the car at the driveway to GreyCote which Nana and Gramp had sold several years before. A woman came out of the garage and asked if we needed help. I explained who I was and she said she and her husband had bought it from Gramp and were delighted with it. She then invited us to come in and look around, and even to use the bath house and go for a swim. A wonderful memory of a whole set of wonderful memories.

    Our last day on Long Island was an exciting one. I was in the Stewart Manor bank closing our account. I had just taken our safety deposit box into a little customer room to empty it when the fire siren went off next door. I didn’t think – I reacted. I dropped the open box on the table, dashed out of the bank and into the firehouse, jumped on the firetruck, started it and pulled out into the driveway to wait for a couple more men to show up. It turned out to be only a grass fire in a vacant field, but it was the first and only time that I was the first qualified driver to get there and drive the truck to a fire. It was a small town. The bank people didn’t get upset or worry about obscure legal problems. They just locked the door of the customer room and everything was waiting when I got back. And a few hours later we were on our way to Chicago.

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