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Quilt Square for 1959

The first of many family camping trips, including an umbrella tent for the kids, a pup tent for the parents (both heavy and usually water-proof), with all cooking over a wood fire.

TD’s first computer, an IBM 650.

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  1. Grampa says:

    We left Chicago on June 10, Sue’s 12th birthday. The entrance sign at the Indiana campground said, Car and Driver $2.00, Adults $1.00, Children under 12 free. I handed the Ranger a five and left it to him to count us and decide how much change to give. But Sue announced for all to hear, “They have to pay for me. Today I am 12 years old!” Children!!

    The second night we had a lovely grassy spot to pitch our tents in an Ohio campground. We didn’t notice that the big tent was right in the middle of a gently sloping hollow. About 2 AM there was a cloudburst, and we discovered how waterproof the big tent was. It meant that the flowing water which came in the uphill facing open front doorway was totally unable to get back out again on the closed downhill facing back of the tent. Live and Learn.

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