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Quilt Square for 1963

The first bird (SEH) flies from the nest (Antioch College, in Yellow Springs Ohio).

Family spends the year in Palo Alto (tree).

2 Responses to 1963

  1. PGH says:

    We rented a house on Webster Street near downtown Palo Alto and easy walking distance from campus. House came with German Shepherd Dog who had flunked Seeing Eye school (he and PT immediately became best friends) and a prewar Cadillac. Caddy worked fine up to 6600 feet altitude; wouldn’t go higher. Interesting experience on way to Tuolumne Meadows when car stalled on twisty two-lane road. We piled out of car, sent someone around curve above and below to stop traffic (we hoped). I put car in neutral and with foot poised above brake slowly coasted backward down the highway (fortunately the car was old enough to be manual shift, and neutral did not automatically lock the steering wheel!). A couple of hundred yards below was an almost level clear space. I let the car accumulate enough speed to coast all the way into that so that it was now facing the road and wholly off it. No traffic during this maneuver! We all caught our breath and the rest climbed into the car. I pushed it gently forward with the driver’s door open, jumped in when it started to roll, and we were on our way down hill. Still no power, but I felt much more in control going forward! After we had dropped about 500 feet, I tried the starter and it worked. For the rest of our stay in Palo Alto we planned all trips to stay below 6000 feet in altitude!

  2. PTH says:

    Car was a 1947, post war.

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