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Quilt Square for 1965

TD has a hysterectomy.

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  1. PTH says:

    Hospital rules have changed a lot. In 1965 at the University of Chicago Hospitals visiting hours were restricted to 2 hours every evening, no one under the age of 15 was allowed, and of course alcohol was not allowed. PG and PT visited TD every day, but Lisa was under 15. Neither TD nor Lisa liked that restriction, and while PT frankly couldn’t have cared less, the challenge of the situation beckoned. So PG and PT reconnoitered the building, found a door that could be used as an exit but not an entrance and upon which there was no alarm, found a route that didn’t pass any nurses stations, and Lisa got to visit her Mom.

    After surgery TD had difficulty persuading her bladder to work. This had never been a problem previously, but the shock of surgery wouldn’t allow her to pee. The doctor stated, off-hand, that a beer was probably all she needed. It’s even easier to smuggle a beer into a building than a sister, and the doctor was right!

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