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Quilt Square for 1971

100th birthday of PG and TD together; he was 51 and she was 49. (Yes, there are a hundred candles. Doubters have counted.)

PG and TD move to Minneapolis (not represented in the square).

One Response to 1971

  1. PTH says:

    Mom and Dad were living in Minneapolis, Lisa was going to school at Macalester College in St. Paul, and Phil was working on a construction job in South St. Paul that November. So Lisa baked a normal sized layer cake, and Phil decorated it. 88 of the candles were conventional birthday cake candles. The other 12 looked like that, but were in fact sparklers that can’t be blown out. Packed that close allowed the sparklers to re-ignite the conventional, with the result being 4 laughing adults gasping for breath and a wax covered cake.

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