Maria Stuardo

. . . .  an easy daylight drive in light traffic to Campbell, and at 11 am Sunday there I was attending

Performed at Teatro alla Scala, Milan

CAST:Ө Mariella Devia (Maria Stuarda), ҨAnna Caterina Antonacci (Elisabetta)Ө, Paola Gardina (Anna)Ө, Francesco Meli (Leicester)Ө, Carlo Cigni (Talbot)Ө, Piero Terranova (Cecil)

PRODUCTION TEAM:“® Conductor: Antonino Fogliani”®, Directed, designed and costumed “®by Pier Luigi Pizzi

HD at Camera 7 Pruneyard, Campbell, CA

This weekend I saw three operas in a 28-hour period.¬† It’s too much, but what can you do?¬† Saturday morning was the Met HD production of Aida, starting at 10 AM Pacific time; Saturday evening was West Bay Opera’s production of La BohŤme; and Sunday I was at the La Scala HD of Maria Stuardo from 11 am to 2 pm.¬† Now, at 10:30 Sunday night, I am at my computer writing my impressions of the third and final opera.

This is one of Donizetti’s three “Queen” operas.¬† I don’t think I’d ever seen that one before, but with Donizetti’s music, you can’t go wrong.¬† I enjoyed it enough to go again this Wednesday.¬† Based on my experiences last year, I’ll be better prepared to write about it then – but I probably won’t.

And so ends the saga of 3 operas in 2 days, soon to be extended to 5 operas in 6 days as I plan to see Maria Stuardo again Wednesday night and Aida again Thursday afternoon.

Ciao – – Philip

PS¬†¬† FYI, here is the complete Met HD 2009-10 schedule as of today.¬† I’ll let you know if I find out about any more Matinee Encores:

MET HD 2009-10 Season

PPS  As a special reward (PUNishment?) for reading this three-part saga to the very end, here are 15 composer riddles, sent to me by Jerry,  my opera friend from Minnesota. (Hint: the answer to number one is a composer best known for his many light operas such as La Vie Parisienne but also composer of a frequently performed dramatic opera where some of the principal roles are sometimes played by 3 different singers in the 3 acts)

Identify a well-known composer with each of the clues:

  1. Frequently at the rear
  2. The majority of the paintings
  3. Exhibit kitchen utensil
  4. What to do when a bowl is thrown at you
  5. Composed before the Mass in B
  6. Scram, fellow
  7. Hut where marriages are dissolved
  8. Half of a child’s game
  9. Jointly designed
  10. What to do after you aim
  11. What to tell a tired hog
  12. Knock the bread baker about
  13. Stout and sturdy wizard
  14. Over there, a bank draft
  15. Not on

If I remember I’ll send you the answers next time I write, along with recognition of anyone who sends me 10 or more correct answers before then. – – ph

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