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Quilt Square for 1967

Second bird flies from the nest (PTH).

50th anniversary party for the senior Hodges. [There’s a story here involving camping and food].

Elizabeth (Betsy) Miller Frantz, born 1947, dies.
(Daughter of PG’s sister Mary)

2 Responses to 1967

  1. PTH says:

    PT graduated from High School, spent the summer recovering from surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst, and entered college at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) in the fall. While welcome to visit on a regular basis, he was neither given the option, nor did he want the option, of living at home. There were several reasons for selecting IIT, but one of the non-obvious and non-standard ones was that Cal Tech required foreign language proficiency while IIT did not.

  2. Grampa says:

    It was a very successful Golden Anniversary party which involved lots of detailed planning. Well in advance I picked a good campground near Utica NY, correlated available dates for 4 families (Sr. Hodges, sister Mary, brother Max, and us). I reserved a nearby motel room for Srs, and planned to get to campground early and stake out 3 adjacent camp sites. It all worked! Each campsite operated independently (which was good because we each had different ideas as to what “camping” meant) but we each hosted various combinations at supper. The eleven cousins worked out their own arrangements for the 3 “pajama parties” each night – we didn’t worry about who slept in which tent. Mother and Dad would have juice and coffee at their motel, and show up for a late breakfast with one of us. They’d wander between the 3 sites during the day, participating in swimming and hiking trips as they wanted. Then after supper they’d go back to hot showers and real beds until the next morning. The actual “Anniversary party” was held in the picnic ground where we could all sit at real picnic tables. Dad mixed martinis for all that wanted them (I know, it was a party for them, but Dad did not want someone else mixing his martinis!). A drizzling rain didn’t dampen our spirits a bit, but it did require us to keep a hand over the martini glass (actually a cup) so as not to dilute the contents.

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