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Quilt Square for 1968

PG commutes between Chicago and CA.

3 Responses to 1968

  1. SEH says:

    Sue was living in Palo Alto, having dropped out of medical school, and had just gotten her driver’s license, so she eagerly made airport trips at the California end. PTH did the same at the Chicago end.

  2. PTH says:

    The 1963 Rambler was PT’s to use Friday through Monday. Only stipulations were that he pick PG up at the Palmer House Monday evening, return him there Thursday evening, and that the car be running with some fuel in the tank for PG during the week.

  3. PGH says:

    June ’68 was reunion time. I went to New Haven with my parents to celebrate Dad’s Fiftieth reunion at Yale, then Thea and I went to Yellow Springs to celebrate our twentyfifth at Antioch, and also Sue’s graduation from Antioch.

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