Dr. Atomic

Saturday morning I returned to the Century Cinemas 16 for the Metropolitan Opera Live HD broadcast of John Adams’ Dr. Atomic, starring Gerald Finley in the title role. It was an experience. I went with an open mind, and I am glad I went. I just wouldn’t call it “Opera” and I wouldn’t call the output of the orchestra and vocalists “Music”. And I am finding it incredibly difficult to write about it. It’s now 1 am Tuesday and this is my third attempt.

Go and see it. You have one more chance – probably in your lifetime. Go to the Encore performance at a theatre near you on Wednesday, November 19. Don’t go expecting an opera – Tosca or Figaro it ain’t. Don’t go expecting classical drama – Shakespeare or Shaw or even Arthur Miller it ain’t. Don’t go expecting to laugh – although I found a few sardonic smiles. Or to cry as I do at Boheme or Butterfly. Just go with an open mind and immerse yourself in the words and the sounds and the actions.

And if you take my advice and go you may well want to curse me afterwards for giving you a bum steer.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do at a keyboard. I probably should have just said, “I went, I’m glad I went, and I’ll never go again.”

What did you think?

– – Grampa, etc.

ps. MetHD is the only way to see it. The skillful camera work is an essential ingredient. – ph

– – Philip


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